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New Vegan Journey

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For new vegans and you, thinking about it.

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Eating is a necessity, eating smart is an art.


I became vegan...One of the best things ever!

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singer songwriter - teacher


Where do you get your protein from? 

What about your iron level?

And the B12 vitamins?

Many questions that motivated me to create this vegan creole platform to share my personal journey, tips, recipes and hopefully assist you to opt for healthy food choices!

I’m SPAICY, Haitian-Canadian singer and songwriter. I first taught in Canadian high schools before choosing a career in music. I became vegan 6 years ago, since then, my health, my weight, my artistic performances even my mindset and confidence have improved for the best. I will share with you my personal journey as a Vegan, the WHY, HOW...basically how to keep an optimal health!

Can't wait to connect with you!

With lots of love,

Anpil lanmou (Haitian Creole)



Spice up your body & soul